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Copenhagen metal fest 2021

Copenhagen Metal Fest 2021
2-day metal festival in Amager Bio.
17th-18th of September 2021

Presenter at the Amager Bio main stage, Beta stage and Ze:Bu stage with co-host Troels Lehmann (Endarken, Ex Billy Boy in Poison)

Rasmus Toftlund, Claus Ljørring,

I was the presenter for the 2021 installment of Copenhagen Metal Fest.
Handling presentation of the bands from the Amager Bio and Ze:Bu stages, I helped set the atmosphere and create hype within the crowd to give the best energy possible for the bands’ performance.

Working in close tandem with my co-presenter Troels Lehmann (Endarken, ex-Billy Boy In Poison) and the rest of the festival crew, we created a memorable experience for everyone.

I had a change of costume before each band, putting together a visual presentation that supported and enhanced the energy and identity of the artist I was presenting.