Daze of June | Secret guest vocalist

Daze of June (Melodic metalcore)

Secret guest vocalist
on the song ’Hypnos feat. Courtney LaPlante’

Hotel Cecil

30st of October 2021
with DXTHRNR and Hearteater

Being a special guest for a band is always great – but when it’s one of your personal faves, it’s even greater! Daze of June asked me to sing Courtney LaPlante’s (Spiritbox) parts from their wonderfully moody single ’Hypnos’ off their Tainted Blood album.

A hardhitting headliner show at Hotel Cecil with DXTHRNR and Hearteater made for a perfectly intense night. In particular, I really enjoy doing duets, and it was so much fun to sing this with Benjamin Ganzhorn – what a voice he hes!

I was honestly having an unashamed fangirl moment playing with these talented dudes. Ethereal Kingdoms played our very first show in their great company, back when they were called Archives of Alaska in 2018, and I’ve been a fan of their catchy songwriting and great live sets ever since!

What made the night even more fun, was the fact that my apperance was top secret right until the moment I stepped on stage and the crowd went crazy!

Fun fact:
Danish jazz legend and former x-factor judge Thomas Blachman was in the audience that night, giving it up for DXTHRNR and Hearteater. 
I actually had the pleasure of performing with Hearteater for a special guest spot back in 2019, too

Actually, this concert was not the first time I’ve touched on the Daze of June material.
I went nuts on their first single from Tainted Blood ’Black-Eyed’ came out.
So much so, that I ended up doing a cover for my youtube channel.

I had some help from good friends videographer and car-enthusiast Anders Mikkelsen and Christoffer Hildebrandt, coffee-connoiseur and incredible producer, both whom I have collaborated with before.
Together, we created an alternative story line and aesthetic for the Daze of June universe, making it uniquiely our own while still exploring the metalcore/contemporary aesthetic.