Exelerate | ‘Exelerate’ | Feature vocals

Exelerate album cover

Exelerate – ‘Exelerate”– Album
Power/thrash/speed metal

Guest vocalist on “In Between Insanity”, track 8

From The Vaults (DK)

Marco Angioni at Angioni Studios

Release date:
10th of March 2023

In the Copenhagen metal scene, you live close with your musical neighbors.
This is especially the case with Exelerate, which I have a long and fond history with.
So when Stefan, Mads, Stig and Io asked me to join in on some feature vocals, I couldn’t say no!

Exelerate and Ethereal Kingdoms share a lot of history – and members!
Mads and Io play guitar and bass in both Ethereal Kingdoms and we share the cozy rehearsal space at Rock Island in Copenhagen.

The merge was complete at the show with Street Fighter back in March 2022 at Heavy Metal Rock Meeting Vol 1, where Exelerate’s Mads, Stig and Io was on band duty alongside myself and Marco Angioni (Withering Surface, Meridian, genius producer) with Stefan (Exelerate) featuring on vocals as well!
Confused? Don’t worry, we are too, sometimes!

My own history with Exelerate goes further back than Ethereal.
When I played in my old melodic deathmetal band Blaze of Barbaroid back in the early 10’s, we did some shows together and the rest is history.

Stefan is also bringing to life some of the songs Marco and I wrote for the Street Fighter project to be released here in 2023!