HMS Pinafore | Gilbert & Sullivan

Project: Den Gode Fregat Pinafore, Gilbert & Sullivan.
Role: Mrs. Cripps/ Little Buttercup

Theatre company: OWP
Genre: Operetta
Language: Danish
Playing dates: 8th – 12th of September 2023
Venue: Galaksen, Værløse

I had the joy of bringing the strange and lovely Mrs. Cripps/Little Buttercup to life for this version of HMS Pinafore.
A woman not unacquainted with the harsher sides of life in the 1870’s, she’s carved out a little niche for herself selling odds and ends at the harbor of Portsmouth. Unabashed, sly and willing to do anything for love, she had set her sights on Captain Corcoran (Played by Anders Neldenborg)