Lamentari | Choir | Copenhell

Fire in the night

Few concerts remind you why you play music. This is one of them.

Lamentari (Symphonic Blackmetal)
Choir singer | Alto
16th Of June 2023
Gehenna, Copenhell
Nightcrawler | Livenation
Conductor: Esben Frank

“Hey can you learn an entire setlist of composition choir music in a week?
It’s for our Copenhell show, there’ll be fire and it’s gonna be cool!
You can’t say no to the lovely gang of blackmetal cultist in Lamentari.
Bringing Max Uldahl’s brilliant and emotive compositions to life on stage was a chance I couldn’t resist, so of course I joined – and what a night!

During the only rehearsal, I went straight from the fiery halls (literally) of Musikhuset Taastrup to the English Embassy to do a little appearance for the King Charles Coronation Garden Party with St. Alban’s Choir.
Truly a day that encapsulated my career in all its weirdness.

This show contributed to the well-deserved award “Årets Håb Live” 2023 at Den Hårde Tone award ceremony in November 2023.

Press mentions: 9/10