Manticora | Feature vocalist

Haunting and beautiful

I love when bands go the extra mile with their concept, and Manticora is no exception with their Mycelium album!

I’m proud to be featured vocalist on one of the massive and beautifully crafted tracks on this upcoming release!

Manticora | Progressive metal
Track: “The Angel of Spring”
Mycelium (Mighty Music)
Jan 26th 2024

Project: Manticora
Role: Featured Vocalist

Working with brilliant vocalist and songwriter Lars at their studio truly raised the artistic ambitions for this feature.

I usually record by myself at Otherworld Studios, but working directly with the artists, whose vision I’m bringing to life, adds another dimension to the expression and energy of the final track.
Being able to receive real-time feedback is so valuable, and diving into the haunting and fascinating story of the song was a real treat for this recording.

On a warm, long summer day, the hairs still stood up on our backs when we listened to the final version of these takes.