Otherworld Productions

Otherworld Productions is the name for my little production company.
I’m a one man army, creating studio recordings, concert and stage productions and artistic performance.
I also teach music and vocal techique.

Otherworld Productions enables me to create professional studio and live recordings for musical projects, which makes it a lot easier to work remotely and collab, since I don’t have to rent studio time – I do it all in-house.
I also own a variety of light, audio and stage equipment, to bring any type of live situation to the next level. Coupled with a theatrical assortment of stage props, costumes and shiny things, you’re sure to have a visually fascinating experience when we work together.

A voice for your project

Speaks, choir, background vocals, lead vocals, anyhthing you need, really.
My studio is equipped with a Neumann TLM 103 and a Shure SM7b, to create a professional quality recording for your project – every time.


I teach all levels of singers and most contemporary styles of vocal use.
With a foundation in classical vocal technique and a strong anatomical knowledge, I help you create a balanced sound fitting what YOU want to express.
My approach to voice use integrates a broad aspect of musicianship, taking into account ear training, performance techniques, score reading and more.

If you’re serious about learning some tunes, drop by for a trial lesson to see if we can make magic together.

I teach in person as well as online and offer some great package deals – I firmly believe that everyone should have access to quality music tuition.

Single lessons
60 minute lesson – 475,- Kr

45 minute lesson – 425,- Kr

Bundle deals

5 x 60 minute lessons – 2.125,- kr – Save 250,- kr

5 x 45 minute lessons – 1.900,- kr – Save 225,- kr

10 x 60 minute lessons – 4.250,- kr – Save 500,- kr

10 x 45 minute lessons – 3.800,- kr – Save 450,- kr