Powermetal Piano – Livestream Concert

Powermetal Piano – a livestream concert.

Kasper Topp from TOPP MUSIC reached out to me to ask if I wanted to play a livestream show in his cosy little studio.
I decided to team up with my good friend guitarist and pianist Mads Sørensen to bring to life an idea I had been toying with for a while:
Arranging classic powermetal and rock songs for piano and vocals.

I transcribed and arranged the songs for vocal, piano and keytar (Yes!) and we did our 30 minute set of fun and good mood live on YouTube with TOPP MUSIC’s amazing production and guidance.

Artist Anna Holm Sørensen created the poster, which I turned into motion graphics for the waiting screen while the stream was loading.

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The setlist was:

Beast in Black – Sweet True Lies
Ghost – Danse Macabre
Amorphis – House of Sleep
Ethereal Kingdoms – Heartchamber
Battle Beast – Straight To The Heart
Nightwish – Nemo

I’ve made all the transcriptions and arrangements available for you to download of you want to play some of the songs.