Sickseed ‘Book of The Dead’ | Feature & Choir

Sickseed – Book of the Dead
Melodic deathmetal with horror themes.
Single from their debut album Goregeous, featuring Bastian Thusgaard on drums.

Feature vocals, choir arrangements, music video actor.

Release date:
April 8th 2022


Iconic horror movies, 12 litres of stage blood, blastbeats and high notes?
Sign me up! 

That’s what I thought at least, when Sickseed reached out to me, asking if I would arrange, record and perform some larger than life choir vocals for their song “Book of the Dead”. 

If you’re curious on how the arrangement turned out, the sheet music is up for grabs!

Themed around the iconic 1980’s Evil Dead II movie, I of course couldn’t resist joining in on the music video as well. A fun day in a Jutland forest with way too much stage blood and a cast and crew, who gave it 100%

Fun fact: Bastian Thusgaard from Soilwork/Arcane Order recorded drums for the album! He even made a cool drum playthrough for the song!

Book of the Dead was also one of the highlighted tracks from the 8,5/10 review from Source Webzine of the Goregeous album! Glad to be of service!

It was such a fun day recording the video for Book of the Dead in the forest by Moesgaard in Aarhus! Litres upon litres of stage blood, amazing props, a super dedicated crew and some wicked special effects by Steffen Engholm. Re-creating the aesthetic of the iconic Evil Dead horror was a lot of fun and really intense. Especially Dennis truly gave it everything he had in him to portray the role. A crazy talented guy!

After the gory shooting, we all went and washed off the horror goop at the beach nearby, much to the bewilderment of the beachgoers that day!
Videographer Rune was an absolute champion to work with for the production and he really ahd the gear setup of my dreams.