‘Sofia & The Invisible Piano | Vinstukan Tíu Sopar | Reykjavik er Summarborgin | Open Air, Iceland

Reykjavik er Summarborgin – open air culture festival in Reykjavik, Iceland

Soloist with ‘Sofia and the invisible piano – with special friends’

‘Träume’ – Wagner
‘Ave Maria’ – Schubert
‘Danse Macabre’ – Ghost
‘Deh vieni non tardar’ – Mozart
‘Wrecking ball’ – Miley Cyrus

Open air at Laugavegir 27 outside Vinstukan Tíu Sopar and Örlögg.

7th of July 2022

Performing my concept set “Sofia & the invisible piano – with special friends” under the icy blue Reykjavik sky, this was my very first solo concert outside of Denmark.

In collaboration with Vinstukan Tíu Sopar and Örlögg, we arranged for me to enchant Reykjavik’s Main street with an eclectic set of Wagner, Miley Cyrus, Ghost and Schubert
Joined by magnificent Sigurbodi and his wonderful wife Hrafnhildur, we did not only have a lot of fun, but also experimented with just how far you can bend the genres of any song when taken into a novel context.

I have previously worked with Sigurbodi in Ethereal Kingdoms. He was featured on our debut album Hollow Mirror and joined us on stage in 2019 when we played support for Wintersun for their first-ever show in Denmark.