Street Fighter | Deadend City | Feature vocals, toplining

Street Fighter
80’s inspired classic heavy metal

Lyrics and melody lines
Feature vocals with Stefan Jensen (Exelerate)
Vocal production

From The Vaults

Marco Angioni – Angioni Studios
Assisting vocal producer – Sofia Schmidt

Release date:
14th of July 2023

Stay stuck or go into the unknown

Ever felt like every turn you take keeps leading you back to where you started?

That no matter how fast you go, you always get stopped in your tracks, by a red light, a dead end, a road leading to nowhere?
You have to make a choice – keep going in circles or make a run for your money, taking a leap of faith into the unknown, where no maps or signs will show you where to go.

This song takes place in a setting like this, where two jaded lovers are on right on the verge of this choice. Do you stay in the same lane or dare you go somewhere new?

In the rainy streets under the neon lights, the nighttime city
seems like an endless maze – will they make it out of this dead-end city together?


Streetlight, your head’s in another place
Sweet lies, truth vanished without a trace
Why don’t you show me the way to where you are?
It’s hard when all I see is a dead end

We got lost in the turnaround
You want the way out
Kiss me good luck for the last time
Let’s leave this deadend city

Stay waiting in front of those red, red lights
Or go running – don’t you know that to wait is to die?

We both are stranded
You need to take the wheel
And choose the way you want to go from here

We got lost in the turnaround
I know the way out
Kiss me good luck for the last time
Let’s leave this deadend city