Street Fighter | Devil in Disguise | Toplining, backing vocals.

Street Fighter
80’s inspired classic heavy metal

Lyrics and melody lines
Backing vocals
Vocal production

From The Vaults

Marco Angioni – Angioni Studios
Assisting vocal producer – Sofia Schmidt

Release date:
26th of May 2023

A false friend, a dangerous foe.

The concept for this song is based off those, you assume will do the best for you but really set you up to fail, so they can shine when they save the day. It’s told from the viewpoint of a guy, who takes on this destructive antihero archetype, leaving a trail of chaos in his wake. Set in the Neon City universe of Street Fighter, it’s all a bit tongue-in-cheek and therefore takes on a lighter character, still with the sinister theme intact.

“You ever wish you really could be someone’s hero?
Like, really be the one to save the day,
riding into the horizon in a blaze of gasoline fumes and glory?

Yeah, but sometimes, the one you wish you could save,
actually found a hero already – and it’s not you 🙁

However, you’re gonna let her know,
that even though her current hero might have a bigger bike
and a more glorious mane of hair,
you’ll be there – just in case, she needs someone to save the day.

You might have to make sure of that…”


By this time you should know
Lady Luck don’t always smile

You said: “No need for heroes!”
Good one, ride on ‘till you crash and burn!
Life lurks around every turn

You won’t need anyone until the wrong time is right
Just right for a hero like me!

Lady Luck don’t always smile
Fortune running out of time
On that day I’ll be your devil in disguise