Street Fighter ’Nordic Noise (A Decade of Noise) | Feature vocalist

Street Fighter – Nordic Noise (A Decade of Noise)
With Michael Bastholm (Artillery), Soren Andersen, Lars Märker (Meridian), Michael Andersen (Withering Surface, Thorium), Marco Angioni (Meridian)

Featured vocalist

From The Vaults

Mix & Mastering:
Marco Angioni, Angioni Studios

Release date:
29th of April 2022

Sofia Schmidt at Angioni Studios recording vocals for Nordic Noise A Decade of Noise anniversary song

Sometimes a musical collaboration comes your way by surprise and ”yes!” is always the best response!

I was asked to join in on a track celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Nordic Noise festival.
Being a festival where I myself have performed on multiple occasions, it has a special place in my heart.
The song’s lyrics celebrate metal culture and I really think it fits the spirit of the festival well.

For this year’s installment, I had the joy of presenting bands at Amager Bio as well as playing with Ethereal Kingdoms, so I had a huge dose of Nordic Noise in 2022!

The composition and arrangement was created by Marco Angioni and lyrics and melody by Lars Märker.
For this production, I thereby had the luxury of focusing just on the performance, being in good hands recording at Angioni Studios.
Great gear and even better coffee and wonderful patience and artistic intuition is what you’ll find in abundance when working with Marco.

I’ve previously been the live voice for the Street Fighter project at a show at Heavy Metal Rock Meeting vol. 1 earlier in 2022.
Exploring the AOR/Classic rock style is a lot of fun and very far from my comfort zone.

Sofia Schmidt with Michael Bastholm of Artillery.
Michael Bastholm from Artillery and I met up in real life at the Nordic Noise festival on April 6th-7th in Amager bio. Such a cool guy!