Woebegone Obscured | Guest vocalist

I joined Woebegone Obscured as a special guest vocalist on the song “The Forestroamer”

For their show at Nocturnefest on March 1st 2019 at Loppen, the atmospheric doom project wanted to do something special, playing their 2018 album The Forestroamer” in its entirety.

I appeared in the role of the Queen of The Forest for the performance of the title song, creating a costume and character design to bring the visual and auditive elements to life.

Duetting with Danny Woe was really a memorable experience and special guest Søren Sol (Zola, LOS, Krauka and more) lifted the experience to new musical spheres.

All picture except for the selfies are by Bo Albrectslund taken at Loppen, Christiania. The headpiece design was crafted from some dead leaves, metal wire, branches and good old fashioned glue and gold spray. It lasted approximately 10 minutes after stepping off stage!

Check out Woebegone Obscured here: