Idaslet ‘Lurernes Glammen’ | Choir

Idaslet – Lurernes Glammen

Choir singer (soprano, alto, impro) on tracks:
03 – Blodfærd
04 – Kongestrid på Hedehøj
05 – Kvadet om Hyyt

Release date:
1st of March 2020

Tue Madsen, Antfarm

Lurernes Glammen

Here’s some review results from the album:

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Metal Temple
Idaslet band photo lurernes glammes

Danish folk metal band Idaslet invited me to track some choir voices for their debut album Lurernes Glammen.

Harmonica player Kristian Ellingsøe’s beautiful arrangements were fun and easy to sing with a strong and folky feel and really added to the impact of the music.

I sent over some spontaneous improvisation parts in a joik-style for the track Kongestrid, and the Idaslet guys decided to add it to the album.

Since the release, I’ve joined them on several live shows supporting Svartsot and at festivals like Udgårdsfest and Copenhagen Metal Fest. Idaslet always bring the party to the house with their energetic folk metal set!

I recorded everything on my own back in 2019. This was before I had my new studio space, so my good friend graciously borrowed me his spare hobby room to track the vocals.

The Shure SM7B was put to good use, but since this was before I had my cloudlifter, I had to really go hard on the volume. This added a lot of intensity, which I honestly think ended up suiting the final sound of the takes in the mix. Exploring folk-metal have been on my bucket list for a good while now, and with Idaslet, I have found a gang of lovely artists who’s not afraid of giving it 100%, both on stage and in the studio, too!