Idaslet | Spirets Tone | Choir

Idaslet – folk metal

Choir, soprano & alto voices

Scumbag Metalheads


Choir vocal recordings at Otherworld Studios

Release date:
14th of July 2023

Idaslet is a project dear and close to my heart. I’ve played live with this fine folk metal outfit at several occasions – anywhere from Stengade, Voxhall, Studenterhuset Aalborg, Musikmuseet, Tapperiet and latest Copenhell.
So when these fine gentlemen asked me to lend my voice for their choir recordings for the next album, it wasn’t even a question! I have previously worked with them on their first album Lurernes Glammen, where I joined in on choir vocals as well.

I recorded soprano and alto parts for the epic choir arranged by Kristian Ellingsøe, using a Neumann TLM103 in my Otherworld Studios during early 2023.

Singing in Danish is not something I do often for recordings, so it was refreshing to use my native language this way.