Nylist ’666’ | Guiness World Record attempt

Nylist – 666 (Guiness world record attempt)

Featured vocalist #651

Release date:
31st of August 2021

Canadian downtempo deathcore artist Nylist aimed for the world record of Most Vocal Solos in One Song with this track.

Gathering 666 metal vocalists from all over the world to lay down lines on a 60+ minutes monster of a track.

I of course had to participate!

I’m in good company with vocalists of acts such as Lorna Shore, Cytotoxin, and more.

I’m #651 and you can listen to the entire beast on all platforms!

My contribution can be heard at 59:51

Fun fact:
I recorded it the day after a show with Ethereal Kingdoms at Amager Bio, so I was super busted but I HAD to make the deadline for this crazy project.

My vocal take for the 666 Guiness world record track by Nylist

Recorded on my own at Otherworld Studios. Using the SM7B with a cloudlifter to maximize gain whilst balancing getting the nice, saturated tone, making it as mix-friendly as possible for Fred to work with in this massive, massive undertaking.
I honestly cannot even begin to imagine the insane amount of work that have gone into the creation and realization of this project, but I truly appreciate it!
Also, the facebook group associated with the project has so many awesome vocalists of all kinds and countries in it, with lots of cozy and supportive posts.
Fred really have created a small community around this production and I’m super stoked to be part of it!